Beloved San Gabriel Playground Re-Opens

"Dinosaur Park" gets a party, complete with food trucks. Roar!

Brenda Rees

COMMUNITY LOVE: Probably every kid has a favorite playground somewhere, whether it is attached to their school or down the street. And probably every adult remembers the slide she used to love flying down or the swingset she always had to take a turn on. But few playgrounds have the ample community support they so often need, and fewer still have whole groups that form to tend to their care and future. La Laguna de San Gabriel is one such lucky park. You might have heard of the active Friends of La Laguna -- they're involved with organizations such as LA Conservancy, and they oversee events such as the May Day Picnic that happened a few years back. Now the Friends are gathering to celebrate the grand re-opening of the historic park on Tuesday, Aug. 28.

RENOVATIONS HAVE WRAPPED: The dock and the famous dragon slide both received updates, but trust that the charming parts of the creature-filled playground are well intact. The grand re-opening will give kids access to all of those climb-able beasties, of course; food trucks and bocce ball are also part of the evening, which starts at 5:30 p.m. So, playground fans, are you inspired? What other longtime play places can we lend our support to? Friends of La Laguna continue to lead the way.

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