Ben Lee's Rocking Alongside Guest Mandy Moore

So we should just get out of the way a couple headline-y things before getting to Ben Lee's guest-filled Largo show. One, Ben Lee recently married the divine Ione Skye, which, for people who have seen "Say Anything" a few times, is just damn cheerful news. (We want to know if the "Rebirth of Venus" singer proposed by holding a boombox over his head, maybe? Probably not.) We've only seen "Say Anything" maybe two, or three, times. In 2003 alone.

Then last week's splashy entertainment news revealed that Mandy Moore, who started as a singer, went onto movie stardom in films like "American Dreamz," and has lately been returning to the mic, got engaged to rocker Ryan Adams.

So what's the upshot of all this lovebird-y tongue-wagging? That the Ben Lee show (we find it impossible not to use Ben Lee's entire name each time we say/write it; we can't be alone in that, we're thinking) will likely be rich with emotion, butterflies and hearts, but his shows have never been known to be short in the emotive, feel-deep qualities. But love is in the air, all around, no doubt, and can strong feeling only benefit music, even music already rich with depth? It can indeed.

Ben Lee with Mandy Moore
Tuesday, February 17, 8:30PM
Largo at the Coronet, 366 N. La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles

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