Berzerkity Berzerkness Reigns

Cirque Berzerk is back, to astound, confound, and acrobat it up.

Cirque Berzerk

If you spent any time watching the ballyhooed HBO hour-long "Boardwalk Empire" over the last few months, you probably had a moment or two of wishing you could visit that world for a day.

Okay, scratch that. Maybe we don't personally want to sit in Nucky Thompson's opulent, Ritz-located office begging for a favor, but we would like to experience an old-time oceanside boardwalk, complete with look-over-here stilt walkers and chorines eyelashed in sparkles and sashed in silk.

Good thing we can visit a bit of that world, sans favor-begging, from Jan. 7-30 at Club Nokia. Cirque Berzerk, which has sauntered saucily around these parts before, will be settling in at the venue for two weeks of shadowy, circusy delights. Acrobatics and tumblers and twisters and clown types who may or may not have hidden agendas, but definitely sinister smiles.

So. A grown-up circus, is what we're saying here, if we're being too opaque.

"Opaque" seems a "Boardwalk Empire"-an word, as does "ballyhooed." If you do go see Cirque Berzerk, make sure to drop both those terms into your conversation during the evening, but not during the show, of course. Don't get those clowns on your case.

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