Best Dodger Bar or Restaurant?

The ocean of blue around town (nope, not the *actual* ocean of blue, like, the Pacific) means just one thing: the Dodgers are battling for October greatness and hard. And while some among us have memorized stats up the wazoo, other Angelenos simply like the peanuts and the beer and shouting "hey batter batter" while chumming around with friendly, yell-y bar patrons they just met.

So, where to go to watch our men in cleats battle the Phillies over multiple games this weekend? Bet your last pretzel that just about every bar and restaurant television in the city will be tuned in and turned up loud. Citysearch pitches bars and eateries near Dodger Stadium, but keep in mind traffic can get epic on the 110 come game night. We also liked Gridskipper's take on great baseball bars from last season, and found the LA choice, Yankee Doodles in Santa Monica, to be a true sports fan's paradise. Better find a friend who can paint a big "D" on your face pronto.

Yankee Doodles
1410 Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica

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