Big Bear Brrr: Snow's Not Done

It's no early April Fools'; the ski resorts near Big Bear got another flake-tastic dousing.

THE COLD'S LONG GOODBYE: It can be surprising, in the middle of a spate of "farewell, El Niño" stories, to see some impressive precipitation return, just as wintry matters seem to be winding down. A number of people are already beginning to look to next winter, to see what the moisture outlook might be, but the moisture clearly isn't done with this winter -- er, spring. Yes indeedy, it is springtime, so much so that we sit right on the cusp of April. And while April 1 is just ahead, and, with it, April Fools' Day, what we're about to say has no foolin' to it: Bear Mountain and Snow Summit just received another pile-on of the frosty ski-able stuff on March 29. How much does "pile-on" mean, exactly?

A HALF FOOT OF SNOW, which would be impressive in the heart of January or February. But in late March? When so many people had said their farewells to enjoy the flakes and drifts up the mountain? Six inches of snow is major. That means that the first weekend of April -- again, no foolin' here -- is ready for some ski/board action round the Big Bear-close resorts, what with all of the fresh powder and such. And one timely bonus? The whole...

KIDS SKI FREE... deal just kicked off on March 24. How's that for the stars (and snowfall) aligning? If your tot digs boarding, and is 12 and under, she can enjoy the slope at a Big Bear Mountain Resort for free. (That's a free lift ticket, but check out lessons, too, if you like, which are 50% off.) Any way you slice and/or dice it, winter hasn't finished its last laugh, its last hurrah, its last spin on the slopes. Repeat, this is not an April Fools' Joke. 

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