Big Bear Lake Village Wine Walk

A June evening, some light sips, and a stroll among the shops.

DE-SCURRYING YOUR STRIDE: One of the most noticeable things about wintertime in a snowy resort town is how one instinctively moves between buildings and restaurants and shops. If the wind has kicked up, and there are flurries about, an errand-running person is apt to pull their jacket closer and parcels near their body and scurry into the next toasty space, the better to get out of the wet and the cold. This isn't always the case around Big Bear Lake, which can see some truly easy-stride days, even in the wintertime, even when the white stuff is on the ground. But if you've been caught in a sudden shower or storm near the lake, you know the scurry to get to your next point and fast.

SUMMER UP THE MOUNTAIN, however, takes a different tack. There is no scurrying, only the enjoyment of clear, not-too-toasty days and evenings of soft, over-the-lake starlight, no down jacket required. To make the most of this non-scurry season, before the all-important slope snow again arrives down the road, Big Bear Lake Village is throwing a saunter-sweet event. It's the Wine Walk, and participants shall stroll, easily, with no rush, from shop to shop in the village, enjoying vino and a look at what sort of stores dot the main thoroughfare. It's the opposite of a wintry rush, very no-hurry, and it unfolds on a (fingers crossed) sunny Saturday. That Saturday is...

JUNE 6: The afternoon-into-dusk affair starts at 3:30 and wraps at 7 o'clock, so if you want to plan a dinner in the Village, or back at your cabin or hotel, you still can. As for the Wine Walk itself? There shall be the tasting of "Beers & Wines from around the world" and live music and convivial shop happenings and small bites and those lovely across-the-lake vistas. Will you be lake-adjacent over the first weekend in June? Are you a vino-and-vista fan? Then get your ticket -- they're forty five dollars each -- and prepare for a Big Bear Lake Village that's all about the saunter and not the scurry. We adore those cold flakes, but the Village also does warmer weather pretty dang well, too.

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