Dance Party Flash Mob to Hit Downtown on Saturday

Dancing? Check. Food trucks? Check. Celebrities? Check.

John McCoy

Historically, flash mobs are supposed to be secret affairs -- events so random and unexpected, passersby are left scratching their heads, doubting what they just saw.

Take for instance, the time 200 people starting walking in slow motion at a Home Depot store, or when 80 people dressed in blue polo shirts and khaki pants wandered through a Best Buy. Or, this instant classic: "Star Wars" recreated on a subway car.

So random. So unexpected. So brilliant.

If analyzing comedy is like dissecting a frog, reporting on an upcoming flash mob is like announcing to the world you're about to dissect 500 frogs in the middle of the Americana at Brand. It's just not the same.

So with that disclaimer in mind, forgive us, but we're about to report on an upcoming flash mob in Los Angeles.

On Saturday, hundreds of people are expected to show up downtown for what's being billed as the "biggest dance ever."

The funky flash mob runs from 10 a.m. to noon, and corresponds with National Dance Day, according to

The morning will include a warm-up led by Melinda Sullivan, Music Center Spotlight Awards alum and recent "So You Think You Can Dance" contestant, a Flash Mob Dance designed by legendary choreographers and lyrical Hip Hop pioneers Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo, a dance party with KCRW's Garth Trinidad and some of L.A.'s favorite food trucks. Plus, appearances by Carrie Ann Inaba and Adam Shankman.

Admission is free, all are welcome, and no dance experience is necessary (whew).

So far, according to the Music Center's website, plenty of food trucks have confirmed for the event, including Crepe'n Around, the Manila Machine, Lake Street Creamery, the Flying Pig Truck and more.

For the extra ambitious flash mobbers out there, the dance moves for the official flash mob dance have been posted on YouTube. There's still plenty of time to practice.

"Biggest Dance Ever"
Music Center Plaza
135 North Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA, 90012
10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

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