Biggest Heart Balloon: Oceanside Valentine's

The 25-footer will appear at locations throughout the city.

SPYING FLOATING OBJECTS... or flying objects or fluttering birds or the other hovering things isn't all that unusual when near the beach. You might see a plane trailing a banner, or a flock of gulls, or some heavy fog, if you only look up. But come the week of Valentine's -- actually, the days heading into the love holiday -- visitors to Oceanside could see something a bit more offbeat high above their heads. Well, not all that high, but this item will definitely be on the large side, and on the unusual side, too: It's a 25-foot heart-shaped balloon. This isn't your usual grocery store heart-shaper, the kind of balloon you grab for a friend on the afternoon of Feb. 14, just to say you're thinking of them. It's grando, its mammoth, and it'll be on the move around the town over several February days. It's all to spotlight Oceanside's inaugural Valentine's Week, an eleven-day run that includes a run as well as other sweetly themed to-dos.

WHERE WILL THE MONDO BALLOON... pop up first? Well, there was an appearance at the Oceanside Art Walk on Feb. 5, and some Valentine's-y boat rentals going on at Oceanside Harbor, and a Classic Car Cruise Night on Wednesday, Feb. 10. There's no telling where the hard-to-miss symbol of the occasion will cameo during the week, so plan on keeping the peepers peeled while you bop around town to different events. 

NEED THE FULL RUNDOWN... of everything Oceanside that's on the way, with bells -- er, hearts -- on? You can get your Cupid-ready knowledge at the Valentine's Week HQ.

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