Bike the Bay

BRIDGE BUFFS SALUTE: No doubt about it, a bridge buff is one of our favorite people. They're the people who will post pictures of all the bridges they've crossed (highest, longest, oldest, covered, farthest). They're also the people who will travel to bridges for special events. What qualifies as a bridge-based special event? A bike ride certainly is up there. And there is a ride on Sunday, Aug. 28 at the San Diego-Coronado Bridge. Organizers are calling it a "rare chance" to spin over the huge bridge, so if you're into your bike and bridgely icons, best get the details.

AND THOSE ARE... The total ride is 25 miles. It is not a race, so you're welcome to toodle at your own pace. And you can pre-register, although day-of registration is a go. Embarcadero Marine Park South is where you need to be on Sunday, and you'll need to get there early: 6:15 a.m. latest. Meaning you better make your granola smoothie the night before, and lay out your helmet and gear as well. You'll want to be rise-and-shine-y. You've got the tackling of a big bridge in your future. (Kudos to San Diego for the tip.)

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