Bikinis Stowed for Snow, Carols, and Cheerful Victoriana

Malibu gets its merry on.

Malibu Country Mart

Christmas kitschery? Yes, please. We want the velvet muffs and the faux monocles and the snow and the cobblestone-y bah-humbug-ness. When we get those things in a setting in which they seem to belong, say inside a theater, that's lovely.

But when the bonnets are broken out steps from the beach, and people in sexy short-shorts and sunglasses stand and watch ladies in crinolines sing about sleigh rides, well. That is 100% faaantastic.

That faaantasticness is going to go down over a few December Saturdays at the Malibu Country Mart. There will be poofy-sleeved carolers. There will be places to spread frosting on cookies in a creative fashion. There will be real snow (so real it is underlined on the promotional poster). There will be Santa, maybe with surfboard? And other standard but sparkly touches of the season.

You'll want to check out the sked for the activities you want most before PCH-ing it. And we joshed about the short-shorts part; the rest of the world may fantasize that Malibu is forever 84 degrees and perpetually redolent of tanning butter, but we know that a wrap and jeans are the order of a December day near the shore. If you want to wear your bathing suit underneath, you certainly should, of course.

Especially if it is velvet. Green velvet. A green velvet bikini. Designers of the world, can you get on this?

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