Bill Plympton Night

The indie animator is presenting a bouquet of shorts on Fairfax.

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A Bill Plympton short usually possesses a big jolt or two, which not many shorts do, given that they are called "shorts," which usually means they don't have copious amounts of time in which to plant surprises and shocks.

But an animated film from Mr. Plympton can go from a happy, la-la-la walking day in the park to total painful mayhem in under a minute. This is all done with a healthy dose of wink and mischief, of course, something that animator has been plying in for many years. 

He's at Cinefamily on Monday, Nov. 1 to discuss all things Plymptonian with cartoon smartie Jerry Beck. We're betting it'll all be more happy la-la-la than painful mayhem, at least in the theater itself.

This 'n that: Cinefamily says this is Mr. Plympton's first stop-by at the Silent Movie Theatre, which is hard to believe; being that his work is a tent pole of any good animation festival -- strike that -- any good full-on film festival, it seems that he should be showing up at Cinefamily once a month. Maybe this'll start that trend.

Two. A few shorts'll be shown. If you want to get a taste, try the googly-eyed strange poem that is "Guard Dog."

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