Billionaire’s Beach Staycation: Malibu Beach Inn

Need some beautiful beach communing? You can get it, no airplane required.

Malibu Inn

BROCHURES FROM FARAWAY PLACES: If you've lived around Southern California long enough, and you subscribe to several travel publications, or you're on the list for lots and lots of getaway companies (meaning you stock up the brochures on a regular basis), you might have had a certain funny experience, one shared by other wanderlust-loving neighbors. You're there at the mailbox, thumbing through a brochure devoted to faraway sands, when suddenly you hear a gull overhead, or feel a damp, oceany breeze, and you recall: Oh, right. I'm here, not far from the Pacific. Perhaps I need to check in with my local ocean prior to heading for a plane? This isn't to dissuade you from seeing the world -- goodness no, that brims with importance -- but staycationing on your own shoreline, among the gulls who buzz your house and the breezes, is lovely, too. Malibu Beach Inn, located on legendary Carbon Beach, isn't just about welcoming visitors from points elsewhere, those people who have read much of the Malibu lifestyle; the hotel digs its SoCalers, too. And SoCalers who love a bit of swanky sand love the idea of staying at Billionaire's Beach, a pretty, and pretty famous, bit of Pacific-fronting property. 

WEEKEND SPLASH: While the 47-room property -- each "well-appointed" and boasting a balcony -- has a number of interesting packages, the one that offers Friday and Saturday rates at the standard level is definitely in line for the local looking to do a beach-quick getaway without too much fuss and/or muss. And added perk to that partic package? You can "enjoy 30% Sunday all summer long." Sweet. And, yes, we said "partic" there, like we were some slang-happy movie bigwig, the kind sometimes caricatured in films. We're not saying you have to play the part, while staying on Billionaire's Beach, and you probably shouldn't, because the vibe, among guests and locals alike, is very, very, very relaxed. Yep, three "verys" mean business. Will you add another "very" to how relaxed you feel, because you didn't fly too far -- er, at all -- to reach your destination? Never stop globetrotting, globetrotters, but don't forget that some of the most fabulous and famous beaches on this side of the Solar System are a short drive away. That gull buzzing by your house? He knows the 411.

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