Bobo, Fifi, and Mr. Turtle Queue for a Kind Word

Hi Los Angeles. You boast so many great events throughout the year, so many popular festivals, but the Blessing of the Animals next to Olvera Street continues to be a true gem in your crown, a much-attended and well-loved to-do adored by a multitude of locals.

We don't have to ponder too much about why this is exactly. The setting of El Pueblo de Los Angeles, one of the most historic, beautiful and important places in all of Southern California, thrills. The music and vendors and convivial feel of a springtime Saturday afternoon spent outdoors raises the mood.

And, not lastly, the noble iguanas sporting funky hats, the tiny pooches in tutus, the snakes coiled in their loving owners' arms... well, that just zings the heart. The line up of animals and their people, patiently waiting (well, mostly patiently, save the occasional bored bark or meow) for a benediction from a cardinal is quite the picturesque and moving sight. Plus there are pony rides, tunes, and other festival-fun things afoot throughout the afternoon.

A cow "covered in a blanket of flowers" (according to the city) will also make an appearance, which -- we -- simply -- cannot -- miss. We hope we don't "moo" in the general direction of the gussied-up bovine but chances are likely. Very, very likely.

Thank you, Los Angeles, for listening to us gush.

Saturday, April 11, noon-5PM (blessing procession starts at 2PM)
El Pueblo Historical Monument, 125 Paseo de La Plaza, Los Angeles. 213-625-7074

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