Bon Appétit’s Favorite Pies

Bon Appétit loves a local pie institution.

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Let's just cut to the crust on this one. The October 2010 Bon Appétit rounds up The Top 10 Best Places for Pie around the country, and a local institution has made the lofty list.

It's the Apple Pan. No surprise there. The food magazine cites the "apple, cream, and pecan" as especially pie-worthy, as well as the burgery things that always seem to proceed the pie at the Pico Boulevard landmark.

Agreed, Bon Appétit, agreed. And we're tempted by your other dessert favorites -- including a chocolate-sea salt pie at Scratch Baking in North Carolina -- can one fly to North Carolina just for pie? In a perfect world -- we'd also like to add some other Top 10 lists we'd like to see the Apple Pan on.

Best Screen-Dooriest Place in LA: Screen doors in public venues are a mite hard to come by here. But the atmosphere they add. The Apple Pan's doors just add oomph to every Hickoryburger-based bite.

Best Place to Stand Near a Seat You Eventually Want to Take: Most restaurants make you wait outside. We like the Apple Pan's "linger nearby" policy.

Best Place to Remember the Conical Cups: You remember those? The little paper/plastic cone cups that your soda arrived in? They instantly summoned 1957 in beverage form, which is no easy thing.

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