Borrego Nights: Summer Heat, Cool Sips, Wild Skies

Find a great desert rate and eye the annual Perseids shower.

AUGUST IN AN ARID CLIME: Everyone knows the feeling of finding a cozy tavern or excellent hangout and then feeling conflicted about spreading the word. Do you keep your treasure to yourself? Never letting on that you've found this amazing place? Or do you let your friends know, so others can appreciate it, too? The answer is always B) -- that is, if you want that tavern or hangout to keep doing brisk and happy business for many years to come -- and that goes for the more surprising finds in our lives. One such surprise? That the deep desert is a delight come August. For sure, some might survey you with an eyebrow cocked, before pursuing the matters of sweat and triple degree heat, but you only need to tell them this: Staying properly watered, with a cool place to retreat to, has its rewards. One such reward comes in August, with the Perseid meteor shower, a sky show that's best observed from a dark spot. The desert affords such low light, and, at night, those triple degrees have a way of dropping back to a not-so-bad place on the thermometer. Is this something you'd like to see? Would you like to save money doing it? And might there be a pool and a cocktail in your future? Look to...

BORREGO SPRINGS RESORT... which is located in the place in its name (that's memorable and handy). Many a sky-watcher has turned out for the resort's popular telescope nights, but even if you're there when there's no telescope pointing up to the heavens, you'll still have the space you need to see space sans all of those bright city lights. The Spa is currently closed, do note, but the pool is open, and a Summer Room Rate Special that nabs you a second night at half off is in effect (use the code BOGO). The Perseids are due to do their thing through Aug. 13, so you can make that your first night, and then stay a second, to get a swim or five. Oh, desert in August, you are so very hot, it is true, but your stars at night seem extra bright. Maybe that's the quiet of summer in a hot place. Fewer crowds and more communing with the cosmos.

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