Bourbon St. Café Delivers Specialty Coffee to Koreatown

Bourbon St. conjures images of raucous Mardi Gras debauchery, but for Paul Joo, it connotes jazz. The owner of Bourbon St. Café, a Koreatown coffeehouse that opened last week at the corner of Vermont & 7th, took a History of Jazz class at Boston College. He became fascinated with its connection to the Crescent City, so he dedicated his coffeehouse to the art form.

Joo previously worked as an accountant before stepping behind the wood and steel bar. Bourbon St. Café also features banquette and counter seating. Joo is brewing Intelligentsia coffee using a two-group Synesso espresso machine and Hario V60 pourover. He’s also got Intelligentsia tea and Breadbar pastries.

Click here for more info on Bourbon St. Cafe. [The Feast]


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