Bourbon's the Star of This Swank Supper

Wine and beer make way for that elegant amber elixir.

Some may call autumn the Official Season of Wine (tm), but the libation truly has its day, literally, come the middle of February.

It's a cold time of year but definitely hot for vino sales and gifting, all courtesy of a little event that starts with the word "Valentine's" and ends in "Day."

But what of those libation lovers who are not predisposed to the chardonnays and merlots of the world? What of those people who feel the amber amour come the middle of winter? (The perfect time for the fortifying powers of amber-hued spirits.)

Their moments around mid-February are fewer but exist. Take the upcoming Bourbon night at Cafe del Rey in Marina del Rey. Nope, it's not all Bourbon all the time, but rather a pairing event, where various types are paired with different dishes.

This belies the libation's rep as just a stand-alone spirit, of course. And of course it can be paired with food.

The night is Thursday, Feb. 7, the host is Heaven Hill Distilleries, and the pairings of the four-course dinner look delish. Highlights include Day Boat Scallops in a vanilla-almond sauce served alongside Larceny Lock & Key (sounds potent). The Spiced Ginger Bread and Rittenhouse Mint Julep at the end tempts, too.

Cost is $75 per person. You'll need to add tip and tax onto that, too. Oh, and of note? Heaven Hill is described as "America's largest family-owned distillery." Expect variety and vavoom in those spirits, in other words.

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