Bowl Ticket Saturday

Individual tickets are soon to go on sale. Hi, summer.

Courtesy of Los Angeles Philharmonic Association

Since summer, or at least summer-like weather, tends to poke its balmy head into our city throughout the year -- love those February heat waves -- it can be hard to tell when the actual season is due.

But a major sign is the Saturday when the Hollywood Bowl begins to sell individual tickets. Regardless of the temperature that day -- which looks to be in the high 60s -- you can count on a season full of song and major acts, and you can get that single seat you've been wanting (packages like the 5 or More have already been on sale).

And that Saturday in 2011? May 7.

So, the roster. There's Sting, smoldering in his quintessential Sting-ish way on the ticket page. Dolly Parton. Gladys Knight and James Ingram. "Hairspray" and "Fantasia" will get the big-shelled loving-on, too.

Surely you've been following the Bowl's 90 Years in 90 Days feature, but, if you haven't, why not jump in right now? The Bowl's up to 1961, when Ms. Judy Garland sang in a right wild storm. We're picturing listening to "The Man Who Got Away" live, while drenched, but there's almost too much joy in that image, so we turn our thoughts back to the matter at hand.

Tickets. May 7. The Bowl. Icon. You, a baguette, the Hollywood Sign, night. Yes.

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