Bowling Pins and White Russians

It's that time again, Lebowski people.

You know how it is. Change can be a downer.

You've got your favorite slumpy sweater. Your favorite cream-based grown-up beverage. Your favorite rug. Your routine. And you don't like hiccups in your happiness.

So we're not giving you any. Lebowski Fest is back in Los Angeles, on Friday, April 2, and Saturday, April 3, and it will have everything you want and like. The fest's got actors from the film and other Dude-ly delights, as in past years. There will be a screening of the Coen Brothers' "The Big Lebowski," and bowling. Of course bowling.

But in the comforting sea of sameness there must always be change. The Dude just took home an Oscar for "Crazy Heart," and the Coens are currently working with him -- well, actor Jeff Bridges, not The Dude -- on "True Grit." Will there be discussion of all this at the lanes? Mellow discussion, probably. But discussion nonetheless.

Get the full rundown of places/times where you'll be wearing your bathrobe and/or Viking helmet.

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