Brad and George: Two Places, One Night

The stars'll be talking about their Oscar-nom'd pics.

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Getting to see an actor, live and in person, talking about a movie role? It's something that only happens here if it happens to be a weekday, or a weekend, in a month between January and December. Oh, and the sun should be out, or, failing that, the moon.

We're being cheeky, of course; we're wild about the fact that our town affords us so much interesting film chat via the performers who make the films. But when the superstar actors arrive -- the people who play around the world -- bet it is Oscar season.

Which it is. Meaning George Clooney and Brad Pitt are both around and chatting "The Descendants" and "Moneyball" respectively. Mr. Clooney will be joining director Alexander Payne at The Egyptian* on Monday, Feb. 6 for a screening; Mr. Pitt will be at a Film Independent LACMA night. Oh! With Jonah Hill, who just happens to be nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Hooray Jonah Hill! That's also on Monday, Feb. 6. (Note that the tickets are available to members of Film Independent and a couple of other orgs; could this be your inspiration to join?)

How to choose? You might not have long to dither; bet both nights are speeding toward SoldOutVille now.

One last thing to say about Mssrs. Pitt and Clooney. Much hay is made over their personal doings. Us? We're kind of sweet on their buddyship, which seems genuine in a town famed for less-than-real relationships. Other actorly twosomes, it is clear: You can achieve megastardom and keep it authentic in the friendship department.

And note: If you miss both nights, hang tight; the Academy Awards are still over three weeks away, meaning there will be more in-actor conversations. Watch this space.

*American Cinematheque says The Egyptian night is now sold out, but a stand-by line will form.

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