Brad Pitt, Chicken Suits, Holding Onto Your Dreams

Looking at the images floating westward from the Cannes Film Festival, of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and throngs of tuxedoed photographers and going-nuts fans, we got to thinking about fame -- an obvious thing to think about, but, there it is -- and the journey there and that old, lives-on-and-on Brad-Pitt-in-a-chicken-suit chestnut.

You know the one about Brad's first job in Hollywood, and how he dressed like a chicken and stood in front of an El Pollo Loco while waving at cars. We sometimes repeat this to actor friends when the roles dry up, or, more accurately, when the roles haven't yet started, a reminder that a life in the arts can hold many surprises.

Of course, Angelina grew up in the business -- we loved these gorgeous black-and-whites of baby A. and her family in People a few months back -- but we're guessing far more aspirants U-Haul-it out here to start those picture-show dreams.

We're only wishing two things with the Brad Pitt legend: that this story is true, because it fascinates (we've never heard Mr. Pitt counter the famous tale or say otherwise, and a parade of sites, including IMDB, make mention of it). And two, that Brad got a nice discount during his time at El Pollo, because those classic burritos are yummy.

And three, don't you hope that Brad and Angelina sometimes pull through an El Pollo drive-through on the way home from awards shows, just for a snack? We hope.

If you're intrigued by early jobs of the stars, we did come across Hardly Famous, a site devoted to the topic.

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