Break Bread Where You Hit the Brakes?

We find it a tad "Twilight Zone"-y (as opposed to just "Twilight"-y, which would mean we find it kind of sexy) that part of the Hollywood Freeway is now being considered for a future park. Say what? Yep. That stretch through Tinseltown is going to go subterranean with a very big, very East Coast-style tunnel.

The price tag? $950 big ones, as in millions. What will that buy? A mile-long tunnel with a pretty, 44-acre park on top. The tunnel's going to be massive, and we can already imagine producers sitting behind their big blonde-pine desks wondering what movie they can pull together to shoot inside it. It won't be done for years -- heck, the start date is 2012 -- but let's applaud anything that addresses urban renewal and easing our traffic woes on that heavily traveled road.

It will seem like sci-fi to us to picnic atop where the old freeway used to be. We'll tell our grand-nephews, "Sonny, grand-aunty used to sit here, idling, jamming out to alt-rock back in the Oughts and daydreaming. Now let me explain what alt-rock was..." 

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