Break Out the Stretchy Waistband

When we heard awhile back that Rush Street was going to do a two-night, "Christmas in August" extravaganza, we had a "yay" moment. Because we were thinking it was going to be like 5,698 degrees out, and the thought of playing December, and wearing a muffler, and eating yam-type sustenance, appealed.

Now, as we all know, December *has* sort of kind of arrived in August -- we saw somebody in a sweater last night -- so the whole Rush Street celebration even seems more fitting.

If you're a Santa fan, and find summertime distinctly lacking in tinsel and sparkles and all that yuletide stuff, make for the restaurant on August 14th and 15th. What's under the tree: turkey, standing rib roast, glazed Brussels sprouts -- glazed! We hope you noted that -- and gravy. Because without gravy? The holidays it is not.

St. Nick and some elves (described, intriguingly, as "naughty") will be on hand for snapshots on Friday the 14th. There will be tree decorating. And dancing. And conviviality with a ho-ho-ho theme. Remember all those carol lyrics? Of course you do. We say break 'em out. Sing loud.

Deer pong -- yep -- with a "d" -- and a white elephant gift exchange are in store on Saturday, August 15th.

We say find the reddest, greenest thing you own, with tassels, with a little foofy ball on top, with pointy, curled-up toes, and make for the Culver City nitery this weekend. We'll all be on Santa's "nice" list. Well. If you want to be.

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