Brew at the Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo lifts a foamy mug to fancy suds and a night out.

When the word-inventing people who invented words invented "grads" and "dads," they must have known that the two times of year spotlighting both graduates and fathers would fall close together (and thus newspaper ads could rhyme the words when promoting sales and specials throughout the month of June).

Likewise, the same goes for the terms "brew' and "zoo." There's something refreshing about sipping frosty suds while walking the paved trails of an expansive animal park on a toasty summer's evening, and many zoos across the nation do indeed throw events with "brew" in the name.

Including our own. Attendees at the 2012 "Brew at the Zoo," which is slated to pour on Friday, Aug. 10, will enjoy 4.5 ouncers from "local and craft microbreweries." On the list? Cismontane, Hangar 24, and Black Market out of Temecula. Cost is $40 in advance, twenty bucks for designated drivers.

Tunes and eats will be filling their entertaining, belly-filling roles.

As for the "zoo" part of the equation, beyond being there? You can take a stroll and see some of your favorites. Organizers also recommend a visit to the new LAIR area -- that's Living Amphibians, Invertebrates, and Reptiles.

And the temp on Friday? A very brew-in-the-zoo-ish mid-80s is forecast.

You might want to consider an advance ticket since admissions may not be available at the door. And, hey, say howdy to the koalas for us, those cuties.

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