Brrrr — We Want Hot ASAP

A DIP IN THE MUGWORT POOL: You have to be a lady for this one. And if you are, and you've been to the Olympic Day Spa for the $15 Simple Soak, you know the joys of simmering in that deliciously steamy pool of mugwort-y bliss. Thawing out happens in a flash, and then you sit and let the mind float. Do not think about the sheets of rain outside.

CHILI MY SOUL: Still our classic Encino-close comfort food. Still have to go for the Demon (heat level: 10 on a scale of 1-10) every time. If the Demon isn't being dished up on the day you visit, look for anything with a heat factor of 8 and up. And get the pepitos on top. Maybe light sour cream, too. Oh my, and that corn bread. Luscious.

LE PALAIS DE THES: Really fine teas in a really fine shop. If ever there was a place that makes one want to not dig out any old bag from the bottom of the drawer, this is it. You'll put care and time and thought into each cup and enjoy doing so. So get brewing so you have something warming to wrap those mitts around.

APPLE FRITTERS AT BOB'S DOUGHNUTS: Several people describe these as wet -- a total compliment -- but don't be deterred by the thought of eating one of these moist beauties on a rainy day. The insides are almost impossibly chewy, soft, and yes, a little bit wet. And just made? If you've never had a perfectly hot fritter toasting your hands, we suggest addressing that immediately.

TEQUILA SHOTS AT EL CARMEN: You stride through the velvet-y curtains, teeth chattering, shoes damp, and order a shot of fine tequila. Smooth. Nice. Throat warming. The Third Street sip central has a glorious selection of warm-the-cockles tequilas, plus it puts off a cozy, sidle-up-to-the-bar vibe. And a sweet jukebox. Settle in.

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