Bruce Campbell Gets Mouthy, and We Love It

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Bruce Campbell. He's either that one guy you saw in "Army of Darkness" like, years ago, or he's your favorite living action hero/author/man-about-town, period. We're pretty much firmly placed in the latter group, so it's no surprise that his appearance at the Nuart this weekend to promote his new movie "My Name is Bruce" is damn exciting.

What, another actor talking another movie? Suppress that yawn. An evening with Mr. Campbell has a certain edge to it and plenty of humor, some of it good natured, some of it a bit more cutting. His Q&A after the "Bubba Ho-tep" screening at the Nuart a few years back had him giving it back to fans in a mocking/loving tone that the crowd went wild for. He's hilarious -- as his books looking at life in show business have shown -- and he is nimble enough to satirize the whole fan-boy culture to the very fan boys he's satirizing, and have them lap it up. A neat hat trick.

Oh, and a new movie to boot? Groovy.

Bruce Campbell screens "My Name is Bruce," with Q&A
Friday, December 19-Sunday, December 21 (he'll be Q&Aing at the two mid-evenings shows each night, with an intro to the midnight show; further details here)
Nuart Theatre, 11272 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles

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