Bruce to Campbell-Up Weekend of Horrors

The fanboy favorite makes for a huge scare con.

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It's not every day one gets the chance to talk about Bruce Campbell, and it's not every day that it is a Friday, so both of those things happening together are making us particularly chuffed. But we are not nearly as chuffy as the people who are actually going to see Bruce Campbell at the annual Weekend of Horrors in Burbank.

They must be over their own personal blood-red moon. After all, Mr. Campbell has about as much goodwill as a man can have in the world of scary-moviedom, and he's well-earned it, too. "Evil Dead II"? We trust all modern horror movie crews screen it before starting production, for inspiration.

But Bruce is not the only star who'll be showing at the mega Creation Entertainment convention. Jeffrey Combs will be there -- he played Edgar Allan Poe on stage last year, you'll remember -- and a host of other horror stars. There will be a Shocktail Party. A Zombie Ball. And all the other merry monstery stuff a con like this brings to the lace-draped table.

Weekend of Horrors is happening Oct. 15-17 at the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel; tickets will be buyable at the door.

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