Bubblefest: Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Science gets lighter than air, in Santa Ana.

A LESSON THAT IS LIGHT AS AIR: Teacher told us often in school that science was constantly work all around us at all times. Gravity kept us in our desks, energy aided us in picking up our pencil, sound waves allowed us to hear the teacher's instructions. It's a lesson that's made livelier, and lighter than air, each and every spring in Santa Ana. That's when Bubblefest floats into the Discovery Cube OC, and that's when kids marvel at the fact that every time they do the dishes -- if they're sticking to the chore schedule posted on the refrigerator -- they're creating hundreds of tiny wonders in the sink. Bubbles are just things of beauty or whimsy or fun to blow at your sibling if they're near enough. But tension and molecules and light go a long, long way towards lending even the tiniest of iridescent orbs its science-strong nature, a nature that shines during the two weeks that Bubblefest takes over the institution. The Discovery Cube calls it "Our Most Popular Event!" and they've had a few years to suss that out: Bubblefest has been around for nearly two decades. It's a spring break staple for many Southern California families, and it is ready to drift again into the hearts, minds, and plastic, round-holed wands of bubble buffs from Saturday, March 28 through Sunday, April 12. 

BUBBLE SCIENTIST... Deni Yang is back in the house, and there shall be a Mega Bubble Laser Show!, which sounds like something everybody ever might request to have at their birthday party. The show includes "smoke bubbles, spinning bubbles, bouncing bubbles, and more," and if you don't try to bounce a bubble after seeing it... well, honest: You're probably going to blow a lot of bubbles from the back porch. A bubble zone is also part of the rainbow-light-catch-y high jinks, and cool water spheres, too. You'll need to snag a general admission ticket as well as a Bubblefest ticket (and the show is at certain times during the day, do note). The last thing to do? Wait for warm days when bubbles blown from the back porch take on a magical quality. We'd never tsk-tsk that magic, but, ultimately, it is science that rules these wee, gone-in-a-minute orbs. Want to see? Go OC.

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