Bugs and Pumpkins and Autumn Fun


THEY GO TOGETHER: Sometimes two different ideas get smooshed together for the purposes of a single party. Ice cream and pogo sticks? Naps and house music? Yeah. Sometimes pairings simply don't work. But putting insects and pumpkins on the same bill feels right. After all, they're both not only found in nature, they're found very often together in nature. A furry little worm inching down a big ol' stem is not an uncommon sight. So when Cal Poly Pomona Farms throws its annual Pumpkin Festival and Insect Fair every year, we are on board. We want to shop the pumpkinry and we want to be astounded by the wonders of the bug world. And we're preparing to do both on Saturday, Oct. 15 and Sunday, Oct. 16.

HERE'S THE BOLD PART: Props to web sites going bold on their big stuff, and the Pumpkin Festival does on this line: "500,000 live and preserved insects" will be at Insect Fair. This is Cal Poly.  You know they are going to have loads of wonderful winged specimens. Exciting, especially if you have a bug buff in the house. Even better? The fest is free. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days (oh, but there's a pancake breakfast on Saturday). Now, next time you see a worm on your gourd, will you think of Pomona? We shall.

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