BuildingSpotter: Larchmont Lofts in “Funny People”

Sure, every Judd Apatow-produced and directed movie features Los Angeles locations prominently. And "Funny People" is no exception. But no location seemed to be featured more prominently than Larchmont Lofts, where struggling writers and comedians are featured couch surfing, cracking penis jokes and hosting uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinners. (Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman live in the building, while Seth Rogen sleeps on the couch.) Located on Melrose Avenue near Astro Burger, the three-story, 21-unit building had originally planned to sell units priced from $750,000-$1.25 million. But then nary a unit sold, and a few months later, the condo went rental, with units priced $3,200-$5,000 a month. That seems to have gone a bit better, as the web site now shows all but four of the units are occupied. As far as we know, none by Jason Schwartzman.
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