“Burning Sensation” for BREADBAR's “Hatchi Series”

BREADBAR co-owner Ali Chalabi has made repeated efforts to give inventive chefs a stage, including Ludovic “Ludo” Lefebvre, Michael Voltaggio and Mo-Chica chef-owner Ricardo Zarate. On March 25, BREADBAR Century City hosts Sona Chef de Cusine Kuniko Yagi and her "Burning Sensation" concept as part of “The Hatchi Series,” which features a different guest chef on the final Thursday of each month.

Chef Yagi is good friends with Noriyuki Sugie, who works as BREADBAR’s “Chief Gastronomy Officer,” and he approached her about participating. “I want to have fun with what I create,” says Chef Yagi. “It’s all about being playful with my concept but also keeping it relatable and accessible for my diners…Courses carry some sort of heat (burning tongue feeling) or charred (close to burnt but not beyond burnt so it tastes good) sensation.”

Even though Sona is closing, Chef Yagi maintained her commitment to David Myers Group, saying, “Chef David Myers is helping me out to travel and stage all around the world to see more and learn for future Sona concepts down the line.”

Hatchi means “8” in Japanese and doubles as the symbol for infinity. With that in mind, each Hatchi menu offers 8 dishes for $8 per dish, with a minimum order of 3 dishes per person. Here’s Chef Yagi’s menu for “Burning Sensation”

1. brûlée of seasonal vegetables
2. harissa-sake marinated cod, celery root purée, crispy pig's feet
3. miso marinated beef, charred Tokyo negi, burnt rice crisps
4. burnt raw ratatouille, 5 kind of grains, geoduck clam
5. jidori chicken, burnt shishito purée, wild mushroom
6. big eye tuna, burnt eggplant, mitsuba dashi sauce
7. Dessert course by Ramon Perez
8. Dessert course by Ramon Perez

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