Butter Us Up, Corn Fest

GOOD SIGNS: It's no accident that the sacks of chile begin to appear around town right about the same time that La Habra throws its annual Corn Festival. Chile and corn go way back, and seeing them together on a wood-loaded grill is a heart-cheering sight. Scientists may one day study how these two staples impact each others' flavors when roasted together, but they really don't even have to, because peppers and kernels make the perfect piquant duo. Mmm. Hard to focus, but we're back, and we're ready to live it up in La Habra, which is marking its 63rd annual corn confab from Friday, Aug. 5 through Sunday, Aug. 7. Sixty three years of corn! Talk about heart-cheering. Pass us the butter pronto.

HUSKS AND SUCH: The park-based festival has way more than corn -- there's a Cutest Baby contest, a parade, and a Doggie Contest -- but bet you'll find an ear or two or five (or record is three in a day, but they were loaded with mayo and chili powder. Hello, deliciousness.) The corn-eating contest is on Saturday, if you're intrigued by how fast a cob can be consumed. Fast, we're betting, but the speed also depends on the hold, too. Is there a husk to grab onto? Or no holders at all? Questions we have. Important questions. 

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