Butterfly Jungle: Opening at Safari Park

A preview dinner and special breakfast are on the 2017 roster.

BUTTERFLY-ADJACENT BITES: If you were to try and dine like a Dalmatian, you'd probably snarfle about a dish, excitedly awaiting dinner. If you wanted to sip milk like a kitten, you'd likely go about it in a dainty, gentle-of-tongue manner. And as far as eating like a butterfly? Well, there is that whole nectar-intake thing that our winged friends do so divinely, and we people do not, or, at least, not nearly as well as the colorful insects. So just know this: Even if you choose to attend the special Butterfly Jungle Preview Dinner at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, which happens a couple of days before the popular butterfly attraction actually opens, or you go with the Butterfly Jungle Breakfast, which happens about a week after the butterfly attraction opens, you will not be required to quaff nectar from a flower. You will not need to flap your wings or land upon your chair like a butterfly alights upon a stem. You should, however, arrive with your interest in the insect world and all of the varied and vivaciously patterned butterflies at Butterfly Jungle. Of course, you needn't attend either the dinner or breakfast to enjoy the nature-riffic attraction, for...

BUTTERFLY JUNGLE... has a number of colorful components. There's the iridescent-amazing bubble show on the weekends, the Instameet Photo-Walk & Challenge, a chance to spend the night at Butterfly Jungle (it's called the Roar & Snore), and, of course, plentiful opportunities to spy a plethora of pretty and fascinating fly-ers from a fairly close distance. The 2017 dates? All of the fluttering and nectar-sipping and oohing and ahhing happens at the park from Sunday, March 12 through Sunday, April 23.

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