Butterfly Jungle: San Diego Marvel to Open

Spy an electric blue morpho and more magnificent flying wonders, at Safari Park.

It’s Time to Spread Your Wings and Fly, Little Butterfly: Annu
Ken Bohn

OVER THERE, ON THAT LEAF: Strolling down a sidewalk, by yards filled with flowers and trees and grass, is a pleasant activity, made all the more lovely by a companion at our side. If we're not fully engaged in a topical debate, and we're not looking at our screens, we're likely doing at least a bit of observational commenting about the things we're seeing. A magnolia tree in bloom summons comment, usually, as does a rose bush going to colorful town, but few things can pause a pair of saunterers in the way a Monarch butterfly can. We don't move, lest the insect flutter away, and yet we want to see it lift in flight, if only to move to the next bud, and stay within view. If this happens too infrequently for your butterfly-fascinated tastes, there is a place to address that, and for a full, fluttery month, too: Butterfly Jungle at San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

MARCH 12 THROUGH APRIL 10: If you're counting on a species or two to show, well, multiply your expectations and prepare to encounter beasties with beautiful designations, such as the electric blue morpho and exotic giant owl. Over 20 species will be in the house, or aviary, rather, which is very much a walk-in, pause-when-you-like location. There are a couple of to-knows, though, so before you take to the air, to see these pretty beasties of wing and antennae, get the info. Like? There's now "priority butterfly viewing," for a small additional fee, due to the fact that Butterfly Jungle is such a hot ticket. (As expected, because butterfly buffs are legion.) Also? You're encouraged to "wear bright colors," the better to summon the superstars of the aviary in your general direction. Speaking of direction, you'll get a few when you arrive, but it is all good, and good for the butterflies: We want to be gentle guests, we humans, while we visit their plant-and-flower-filled digs. We're gentle in the street, too, when we spy one in a yard. Now imagine seeing many more where that wonder came from, all in one spot, in one of the spring-iest sights in all of the state.

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