Cabbage Patch Palin: All the Rage found a…

All the Rage found a current eBay auction benefiting Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, featuring a Cabbage Patch Kid Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, and Joe Biden. Of the four, Palin is currently up to $9,800 with 16 hours to go: "The signature frameless glasses and librarian bun are well rendered, though the clunky black pumps and all-red suit seem less inspired." Barack is next going for $3,100, then McCain at $1,700, and Biden at $843. Says ATR: Biden "had better keep his day job because he will never make it as a Cabbage Patch Kid...with chubby cheeks and strange toupee-like hair..." [All the Rage/LAT]For more stories from Racked LA, go to

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