Cake on a Stick? Yes, Please

Lollibakes have just made our short list of must-have treats.


We're suckers for food on sticks. Corndogs, kabobs, popsicles -- if it's edible off a stick, we're in love.

And it looks like we've fallen in love once again.

We've just discovered Lollibakes and we're drooling on our keyboards. In full disclosure, we have yet to actually taste one, but look at that pic. C'mon!

This gourmet cake and frosting delight is on our new short list of must-have treats.

Unfortunately, the company is no longer taking Thanksgiving orders due to heavy demand, but come Dec. 1, we'll be first in line to place an order.

Although there's no retail location yet, according to Hollywood Today, local delivery is available in LA.

Flavors include double chocolate, black and white, cookies n' cream, chocolate peanut butter, nutty buddy, orange creamsicle, red velvet, confetti and more.

For more tasty treats, check out "Eat This." Fair warning though -- viewing it on an empty stomach can be unfair to your taste buds.

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