Calabasas Pumpkin Festival

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SEEDLY SWEET: We'd confidently say that the middle of October is just about the time most people are shifting into full-on Halloween mode. If a costume is going to be ordered online, it is being ordered right about now. If foam headstones or hangy-wobbly skeletons will be bought, people are starting to buy them. And what of the family-sweet fall festival? We have a sense that parents kick into high gear on that subject right around this time, too. Soon, Halloween parties'll be filling up weekend days, but there's still time to take a drive and buy some gourds and makes some crafts. Which makes the Calabasas Pumpkin Festival perfectly positioned, year after year, to receive maximum autumnal love. It's coming up on Saturday, Oct. 15 and Sunday, Oct. 16.

ON THE SLATE: Well, pumpkins. Pumpkins for buying and pumpkins for posing next to and carved pumpkins to admire. There's pumpkin beer, too for the grown-ups. Music, a kidly carnival, and a car show on Sunday round out the weekend. It's all at Juan Bautista de Anza Park and the getting-in is five bucks. The leaving with pumpkinage will be more, but if you've got your foam headstones and wobbly skeletons, you'll need to start stocking up on the big orange round thingamabobs, too. This'll be a fine spot to start.

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