Calif. Road Rage Capital a Surprise

Who knew drivers were so stressed down San Diego way?

The daily commute can be a grind and it appears to be taking its toll on San Diego drivers. "America's Finest City" ranks 10th on a list of the nation's least courteous cities in the U.S.

National auto club, Auto Vantage, surveyed drivers in 25 metropolitan cities across the country. In their list of cities with the most road rage,  San Diego ranked 10th. That's a shift in gears from last year's study that found San Diego to be the 9th most courteous city in the country.
The study surveyed more than 2,500 drivers in 25 cities across the country.  New York appears to have the most angry drivers.  It was number one on the road rage list followed by Dallas and Detroit.  Surprisingly, Los Angeles and San Francisco came in after San Diego, tied at 14th place on the list.
Two common complaints of San Diego drivers surveyed were seeing drivers speeding and slamming on their brakes at the last minute.
According to the study, Portland, Oregon is the city with the most courteous drivers in the country followed by Cleveland, OH, Baltimore, MD and Sacramento, CA.
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