California Strawberry Festival Poster Contest

Obsessed with the beloved berry? Put brush to canvas and express your affections.

SPRING FLING: Every month of the year seems to rock some very specific fragrances, those happy scents you associate with a particular season or moment or week. December is rich in this nose-nice department, with cinnamon and peppermint and chocolate and all sorts of straight-from-the-dessert-shelf aromas dominating kitchens and stores and potpourri baskets and such. But maybe you're a May person, when it comes to significant scents. Maybe you prefer orange blossoms and just-squeezed lemons and newly plucked mint and strawberries. There's nothing quite like the middle of May for garden goodies, with the strawberry serving as one of the superstars, scent-wise, taste-wise, and everything-wise. If this is where your head and heart are at, even in these cinnamon-peppermint days, you can happily live in Strawberryland by jumping into an annual California Strawberry Festival contest. Once again, the berry-loving bunch behind the Oxnard-based party is looking for the new...

POSTER ARTIST: Have a zingy way to represent the green-topped, seed-luscious fruit? Then put bristles to canvas and express your strawberry obsessions. Your deadline is the first of February, so you still have some time to daydream and ponder unique ways to show the famous fruit. In a shortcake, or pie, or atop a cake, or in a salad, or just on its own? So many choices. The grand prize is a sweet two grand, and photography is allowed, as well as mixed media (in fact, there are several acceptable formats, so read all). If you simply want to attend, and not create a strawberry-centered masterpiece, you can do that as well: Tickets go on sale for the May 20-21, 2017 hoopla on Feb. 14, a day that has its own red-toned scents (roses, raspberry cordial chocolates, cabernet sauvignon). Happy painting/photographing, strawberry fans, and hold tight: The marvelous days of May are on the way.

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