Canada Day in LA

July 1 is the day. Where will you celebrate?

We know that Seattle, and Detroit, and several other cities close to our country's northern border have strong ties to Canada.

But, of course, Los Angeles has some of the the tightest bonds of all. Many famous Canadians call our city home -- hi, Jim Carrey, and Alex Trebek, and William Shatner -- and many people here in town spend a lot of time on sets in Toronto and Vancouver, which is famously nicknamed "Hollywood North."

And didn't it seem that a good chunk of Southern California spent the bulk of the Winter Olympics in British Columbia?

There are ties, is what we're saying. Relationships. And so when Canada Day comes around -- as it does every year on July 1 -- there will be ways to mark the occasion in LA.

The Canada Day Across America is a fine place to start; the site has rounded up a bunch of July 1 parties. We also saw on Yelp that Jim Sheddy's is making his bar -- that would be Sheddy's on Fairfax -- the place to raise a glass.

And now we're thinking of the poutine at the Redondo Beach Cafe, another center of Canada Day convivialities.

Poutine! Bring on the cheese curd, and the friendly celebrations. Happy Canada Day, neighbors.

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