Car-Free Train Discount Bests Carmageddon

Jay Sinclair

CAR-FREE DAYS: Businesses galore, both in Los Angeles and around Southern California, are stepping up to the Carmageddon plate. The drink discounts and shopping deals are plentiful, but people want to know about travel ideas and get-around discounts, seeing as how the July 16-17 closure is happening plunk in the middle of the vacation-iest time of year. Those are coming in as well, and one we're liking isn't even specifically related to that weekend. It's the Amtrak discount that Santa Barbara Car Free Amtrak offer.

THE WORD ON THIS: If you're riding the Surfliner or San Joaquin, and you intend to disembark in Santa Barbara or one of the eight other stations listed (or leave from one of those places), a good 20-percent discount can be yours. There are asterisks, like needing to book at least three days in advance, but since Carmageddon is still over a week away, you're good there. Read all the details and see if this deal matches up with your get-out-of-town plans. Even if you don't do it over July 16-17, note it is going on for awhile more. (Kudos to Santa Barbara CVB for the heads up.)

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