Carol and Caroling

The actress will flip the switch on the Palm Springs 2011 Christmas tree.

CHRISTMAS WITH CAROL: Can we all agree on the following statement? We suspect we probably can and will, so here goes: Carol Channing has a certain joie de vivre. Correct? Correct. Wherever the actress goes she is very apt to have her hands in the air. She's probably bedecked in sequins. She's probably singing. And, after the singing, she's very likely to be found blowing kisses or giving out hugs. Joie de vivre to the max. So it makes total sense -- beyond total sense -- that the legendary actress will be flipping the switch on the Palm Springs Christmas tree on Thursday, Dec. 1. Talk about wattage in the vicinity of wattage. It's on from 5 to 6 p.m. at Frances Stevens Park. Will Ms. Channing blow a kiss your way? The chances are good. After all, it is the holidays, so magic is afoot. Thanks to My Desert and the Palm Springs Visitors Bureau for the 411.

There's only one word on our mind. Is it on yours, too?

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