Carrie Fisher Shares Every Little Thing

Carrie Fisher has nothing to hide, she'd just prefer to be the one to say it first

Actress-author Carrie Fisher, adult film star Ron Jeremy, and a Catholic priest walk into a bar …

Fisher offered up the outrageous set-up Tuesday evening at Book Soup in Hollywood, where she appeared to promote her new book, the memoir Wishful Drinking. And although she never finished the joke during her casual and candid Q&A with fans, it was obvious afterward that the punch line is the set-up.

It's the way the media continues to treat her life.

If Carrie Fisher, Ron Jeremy and a Catholic priest walked into a bar, the only one you'd read about in the blogs the next day is Carrie Fisher, at least that's how Fisher sees it.

That's right, blogs. Not tabloids. Carrie Fisher has a love/hate relationship with blogs, especially the ones that have recently begun talking talk trash about her weight gain. (She claims to not Google herself, but rather receives the updates from "friends.") Fisher talks about her weight too, but the way she seems to see it the blogs are stealing her material.

Speaking of Ron Jeremy, Fisher says they're friends and that she met with him prior to Tuesday night's appearance. Nonetheless, Fisher was perhaps too kind to highlight the irony of how the adult film industry's most prolific actor has waddled his pudgy way through much of his film career without much ado being made of his heaviness, while Fisher at the age of 52 is expected to slip into that same steel bikini she wore when she was 25.

No double standards here. Let us rather express our appreciation that no one has sought to post anything online about the weight gain of bloggers.

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