Case of Mondays Defeated by Spa Week

Here comes the fall Spa Week, and $50 deals.


Mid-September feels like just about the right time for another outing of Spa Week, that special time when spas near and far join together to offer a bevy of $50 treatments and deals.

For while summer is the traditional time we're all supposed to get our relaxation in, back-to-school, as a rule, can undo that just a bit, whether you are the one returning or you are supervising the return of others. All that bookbag purchasing, and form-filling-out.

The fall 2010 Spa Week, like past Spa Weeks, boasts massages, facials, scrubs and other body-based niceties for $50. We feel like writing "$50" several times in a row, because that is a most excellent price for any of those things. If you've been to a spa, you certainly know that.

It opens on Monday, Sept. 13.

There is signing up to do to find out the what-fors and wheres, and there is an app for iPhone and Android. But you must must unhand that device once you're on the table and relaxing. Loosen your grip for once.

Spa Week around Los Angeles wraps on Sunday, Sept. 19.

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