Castle-Close New Year’s Eve

If a dressy party isn't your thing, ride a coaster instead.

Paul Hiffmeyer

Maybe you heard it has been a little busy down at Disneyland this week (kudos Disney Dreaming).

Like, maximum-capacity busy. But that happens during the holidays at the world's most famous theme park, and what with thousands of people arriving for the Rose Bowl, and people having work off, well. Pluto and Goofy are taking a lot of pictures with a lot of families. A lot.

(Aside: If you were at the park on the Saturday following the '84 Olympics, we were, too. Crowds? We know crowds. High fives for rocking one epically busy Disney day.)

Which is all to say if you're headed for the New Year's Eve festivities at the Disneyland Resort, give yourself time. Lots of time. Hours, maybe. The park, which is still in full holiday mode, is getting visitors, and plenty of 'em. The New Year's Eve celebrations will include fireworks, of course, but a night at Disneyland without fireworks is like Mary Poppins sans umbrella. Just. Doesn't. Happen.

(There's also a cool video on the Disneyland blog showing New Year's celebrations through the years. Question: Why don't we dress like '60s people again? The eye-popping hues.)

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