Catalina Express: 35th Anniversary Fun

Prizes are part of the summery celebration.

THE NUMBERS ADD UP: The Catalina Express, that zippity boat service that ferries people between the mainland and Catalina Island and back again, is celebrating its big 35th anniversary in 2016, it's true. It's also true that the island that is now home to the Casino Building and Avalon and Two Harbors and all of those buffalo is a mite older than 35 (the fascinating story of the formation of the islands off California goes back millions upon millions of years, in fact). And it is also true that nearly a million people a year call upon the Catalina Express for that famous 22-mile trip across the waves. It's a big history with impressive numbers, in short, for the boat line, and big histories are often celebrated in myriad ways. The ferry company is taking two different routes to marking its special occasion, including...

A 35TH ANNIVERSARY SITE... where you can enter the daily drawing. Cookies, books, parasailing, and kayaking are all possible prizes. It's a lively way to honor 35 years, and the many passengers that call upon the Catalina Express throughout its year-round schedule. Consider all of the transportation we use, and how few of those vehicles drop off us at an island. It's a service with fun built into its character, something reflected in the company's approach to its big 35th.

UPDATE: The board-and-scratch cards, a kick-off promotion for the anniversary, gave travelers on the boats free non-alcoholic beverages and other goodies on opening day, July 15. But more days are to come for the daily drawing, so check out the site now.

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