Catalina Express Extends Popular Birthday Deal

The "ride free on your birthday" offer'll run through April 2013.

BIRTHDAY LOVE: This is just anecdotally, of course, but the Catalina Express "ride to Catalina Island free on your birthday" deal has been quite the bee's knees in recent months. We've heard of people both taking it and wanting to, so the solid offer has been broadcast to all corners. But, like many good, money-saving things, it was due to end. And then? Catalina Express went and added another year onto the end of the offer, meaning people can ride to the famous, Casino'd island, for free, on their birthday, through the end of April 2013. And yes, don't be sassy and ask if that's good for a round trip; it is. (Okay, you can be sassy, since people get a pass to be a bit sassy about their birthday.)

ASTERISKS AND SUCH: You'll need to register and read over what you'll need to read over, so do that before heading to port. But regardless, a free boat ride, and a fairly long one at that, is almost too good not to pen into your birthday plans. And figure this: How else are you going to get to Catalina? Don't say "hitch a ride on a flying fish" because that's just silly (although it has crossed our own mind). Check out details and start planning all the sightseeing, glass-bottom-boating, Buffalo-admiring you're going to be doing on your next big day.

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