Catalina Wine Mixer: ‘Step Brothers'-Inspired Soiree

Descanso Beach Club has the DJs, gourmet bites, and good sips.

LIKE IN A MOVIE: If you've ever caught some rays or stood in the foam or sipped a tropical drink at the Descanso Beach Club on Catalina Island, you've probably felt as if you were on a movie set, what with the vast Pacific before you and the soft sand and the whole shimmery scene. But if that particular movie in your mind happened to be "Step Brothers," the 2008 comedy starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, well, you'll be in luck. Nope, the club isn't screening the film, and the stars won't be in the mix -- that we know of -- but a special scene in the flick will receive a special nod on Sunday, Sept. 13. The club is hosting a Catalina Wine Mixer, and if you know "Step Brothers" you know that the Catalina Wine Mixer is a pivotal moment in the movie. It only makes sense that a pretty location on Catalina Island, that happens to serve wine, would want to pay homage to sweet, music-filled moment. That's the theme of the day, and there will be several other party-forward happenings, from DJs doing that platter-spinning thing to gourmet eats to the requisite "fine wine" enjoyment.

IT'S THIRTY FIVE BUCKS... to get in, but you'll need to line up your passage to and from Avalon, and whether you'll stay the night or not. There are a few stayover packages with Inn on Mt. Ada, Pavilion Hotel, and Hotel Atwater, so do the research if you don't feel like catching a boat back that night. And, again, this event doesn't include a screening of the film but rather stands as a sunshine-laden soiree paying chillaxed homage to the movie's so-named Catalina Wine Mixer. If you want to wear the brothers' now-iconic argyle sweater vests on the beach, go for it. September might be a mite cooler. But you still might want to think sundress or dressy shorts.

AS FOR AS THE ACTUAL NAME... of the Catalina Wine Mixer? You know it, "Step Brothers" fans: It's the %$#&*@^ Catalina Wine Mixer. That quote will probably be uttered a few times, on the beach that day, we imagine, as well as the other 182 quotes that fans have memorized by heart.

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