Catching Up on “Creek”

Remembering an influential teen drama.

Remember '90s TV for the not-yet-diploma'd crowd? Curly-curled Felicity crying in her dorm? A locker-adjacent Angela angsting over Jordan Catalano?

You remember, if you had or were anywhere near a television set a decade or so ago. And you remember "Dawson's Creek," of course. Creator Kevin Williamson, and some principles from the cast, are making for the Paley Center for Media on Wednesday, November 4th at 7PM to reminisce about the influence the show went on to have.

The WB hit certainly help lay down the groundwork for grown-up-i-ness among teens on television. If the kids on "Dawson's" weren't exactly polished and adult-level articulate, they were very precocious and sensitive and thoughtful and talky. Very talky.

Which became common traits among adolescents on television for a good long while afterward. We're guessing the Paley chitchat will focus on those influences, and any story lines the fans were left wondering about, and a lot of friendly looking-back.

Oh, and those cast members. James Van Der Beek, Busy Phillips, and Meredith Monroe are scheduled to appear. So Dawson himself is on the panel. Mention should be made that the night is in part a party to celebrate the series release on DVD.

We were thinking of how "Dawson's Creek" regulars Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams now make regular appearances on magazine covers. And we were thinking of that Paula Cole song "I Don't Wanna Wait," and how it became the aural signature for the show.

Do you want to go listen to it right this moment, now that it is in your head? We do, too.

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