Caught on Tape: Girls Steal Package from Tarzana Doorstep

A Tarzana homeowner said Thursday he was shocked when surveillance video caught two girls stealing a package from his doorstep.

The surveillance video, recorded on Dec. 1, shows a UPS driver placing packages on the doorstep. Moments later, a pair of uninvited guests entered his gated property and helped themselves to one of the packages.

Homeowner Lester Crawford said he was expecting several packages from his wife's selections off a TV shopping network.

"They took the little package (and) came back later for the other two," Crawford said.

Crawford said he confronted the two girls before he saw the tape, and was unaware they stole a package.

"They gave me some story they were lost, looking for Canoga Park, believe it or not. Being the nice guy I am I said, 'Canoga Park is that way,' and off they went. I immediately went in, checked the videotape and that's when I discovered something was wrong," Crawford said.

UPS said its drivers are highly trained to leave packages without requiring a signature only by prior arrangement.

"For all the millions of times a day it works just fine, there are times a package is 'driver released' and then stolen," said a UPS spokesman.

Crawford said he is hopeful the thieves will change their ways.

"Be careful girls," Crawford said. "Get a real job. Do something constructive with your life."

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